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Become aware of the energy you attrack

Become aware.

By pausing and becoming aware of your surroundings, you are exercising your intuition and building upon your ability to sense how a person, place, or thing affects you. It’s important to have a foundation of heightened awareness in your everyday life so you can navigate emotional minefields and stay sane.
Incorporate a daily practice of connecting to the peace within you. A few minutes of inward focus every single day is better than one 30-minute meditation per week. I tell my clients that consistency is better than depth when it comes to building a spiritual practice.
One of my favorite centering mantras from A Course In Miracles is, “There is a place in me where there is perfect peace.” Every time my energy is frazzled, I return to this mantra.

Put up your guard.

Yes, I just said, “Put up your guard.” (Shocking, coming from a spiritual teacher, I know!)
This does not mean closing your heart or shutting yourself off from other human beings. It does mean establishing cl…

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